Carpe that Quarantine!

I’ve had this blog along with all of its other social media for quite sometime now. Yet, it’s until now that I find myself…inspired? lol. As an extrovert who’s very focused on work, business school, working out, and her husband, family, and friends, I had every excuse not to focus on me. But now with this #lockdown due to the #coronavirus, it has really given me time to stop focusing on everyone and having no other choice but to focus on IMG_4330me. Kinda sounds bad, but it isn’t. I’m a believer that “happiness is only real when shared” and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

And with that, I’m going to write this film/show blog and most likely include deep topics & insights I come across. I’m really good at all forms of art (with a spice of humility) and writing is definitely one of the top ones. Maybe one day I’ll even do youtube videos and some #tiktoks, but for now, it starts here.

Quaratine bio: I’m a redheaded libra/scorpio extrovert who loves laughing with people, but is putting all of her energy into yoga, meditating, cooking vegan meals, being domesticated af (oh so good at folding & putting it away all at once. Don’t act like you’re not impressed ;P ), driving my husband crazy with my antics while using all forms of art as my escape into the event horizon of nothingness (see what I did there. I already got deep…if you’re lost, look into Buddhism and black holes).

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